Get To Know Us

Who We Are

Hegazy Group corporation for electrical and power systems was established in 1979. The direction of the company at that time was to work with high effort to gain customer confidence in all directions inside and outside Egypt in the field of electrical and mechanical supplies.

Through the Egyptian and European market, we were able to obtain experience and quality certificates from the best international distributors in the field of electrical and mechanical supplies.

During the past 30 years inside and outside Egypt, we have proven that we are worthy of all of our dealings with them


Market leader in manufacturing switch gear among competitors in Egypt. Our brand image depends on our products, services and our loyal customers, so our vision, mission , goals and objectives are strongly committed to our valuable customer satisfaction


Our mission is to provide the highest level of satisfaction to all customers by providing products and services on time and with a competitive price among our competitors. Our suppliers: considered as success partners through their great reputations by supplying a high quality electro-mechanical product, services and supplies with the best and highest quality standards worldwide


We strive to offer a variety of products with the best available selection and utmost convenience to meet all customer’s need. Building long-term relationships with customers by providing them what they need. Attract and retain customers with high value products and services to increase customer’s satisfaction and customer loyalty



Hegazy Group is an online store for electrical, mechanical tools and products in the retail sale and supply of electrical and mechanics products for home use and factories  locally and internationally of all products and tools used in electrical work, lighting, wires and cables, and all electrical accessories. With specific specifications with minimal effort and fits all categories at the lowest prices.